Hello about YouTiao!

In 2007, Mr Youtiao (formerly known as Breadbar Café) started as a mere kiosk with a single purpose in mind… to sell youtiao, an otherwise plain and traditional snack.

Why youtiao? Because we believe youtiao is tasty, crispy but yet fluffy and chewy. The combination is unique and unmatched among other dough-related food products.

Seven years on, one thing led to another, we now serve a whole range of food & beverage items that compliment youtiao. Traditional coffee and tea, soya milk, beancurd, tao suan, porridge, curry chicken, bah kut teh, tastie noodles, butterfly buns… You name it!

As our tagline suggests, it is “traditional youtiao with a twist” indeed!

As a café… our customers drop in for breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, even supper. In other words, we have a business model to generate revenue throughout the day.

Because of youtiao’s far-reaching popularity in other Asian countries (Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Philippines), we believe Mr YouTiao will one day be successful internationally.